Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Mattress

The sunset is over. The violent flashes of purple haze, have subsided into an uneasy sleep. A trite melody hurtles in from the radio. The coir mattress seems beastly, hugging the sweat oozing from your once-white vest.

It has claws that sadistically scrape into your sunburnt skin, like crickets’ harsh gratings. After suffering confinement for so long, the brown pinpricks poke through their faded covers and near perforate the redness of your blood. In the distance you can hear a jeep approach.

The night air is like a solid block of ice, pressing into you chest, and you are too shocked too remember breathing. Breathe. That’s better. The drowsiness has almost engulfed you. Your eyes feel heavy. So heavy. They hurt. You don’t want them to. Don’t hurt.

You concentrate on the mass of beastly coir around you. You take your hand off your chest and slowly, almost sensuously, slide it to your side and just a little under your thigh, where the mattress cover gives way and rough clumps of coir break into pieces. You run a coarse finger through the mass, like the hair of a sweet, monstrous child. It tickles. You feel like smiling. You smile. You think you are happy. Your arm, so long inert, feel powerful, stretched out like this. You try it with your legs. A spasm of happiness runs down it.

The jeep has reached its destination. Have they come to take you?

Friday, 5 September 2008

Abusing the exclamation!

Today, I realized the exclamation mark, when misused, is like an insincere smile! You automatically assume something exciting is written! It must be so! There's an exclamation mark! Much like a smile tricks the brain into thinking someone's happy! Nothing of the sort! You may not be happy, although you are smiling! See! Same difference! It doesn't matter what you are writing about! Just add exclamations! Everything sounds happier when you use exclamations! And if you want to sound like you're delirious with joy, use two!! They are double the fun!! And they look so cute!! Like two eyes staring at you!! But what if we use three!!! That should logically be triple the fun, right!!! In principle, we could just keep adding them!!!! Until you feel ill!!!!! from the!!!!!! insincerity!!!!!!! of!!!!!!! it!!!!!!!!! all!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading this far!! Moron!!! You are L!T!O!!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Feeling down today

The Sinking Ship

There was a time when my caress
Swept softly on your shore,
When my desiring heart was loved
By you, my old amour.
But now I'm not the mate your pride
Once loved beyond delight;
Was once your need, but now is stale,
A habit you'll set aright.
So here's my kiss upon your lips,
I board upon a new-furled ship.